Fraudsters Exploit 32-Year-Old Resident in Rs 1.21 Lakh Credit Card Reward Point Scam

In a distressing incident, a 32-year-old individual residing in Nerul experienced a financial loss of Rs 1.21 lakhs as a result of falling prey to a scam involving the redemption of credit card reward points for cash. The victim unwittingly provided their credit card information through a link sent to their mobile number, subsequently sharing the OTP as well. The fraudulent actor conducted two transactions, causing the victim to suffer the loss of Rs 1.21 lakhs.

The complainant received a message containing a hyperlink promising the conversion of credit card reward points into cash. The message also conveyed a sense of urgency, indicating that the reward points would expire if not redeemed on the same day. Lacking suspicion of any wrongdoing, the complainant followed the link provided in the message.

According to the police, the complainant entered their credit card details into the form displayed on the webpage and proceeded to click the submission button. Shortly after, they received an OTP, which was also entered into the form without hesitation.

Yet, shortly after providing the OTP, the situation took a grim turn with two unauthorized transactions debiting his credit card. The amounts were Rs 20,744 and Rs 1,00,287, culminating in a total billing of Rs 1,21,031. Upon inspecting his account activity, he discovered that the Rs 20,744 transaction had been conducted at One Mobikwik Private Limited in Gurgaon, while the larger sum of Rs 1,21,031 was directed towards

Responding swiftly, he took immediate action by contacting the bank’s customer care to block his card. Simultaneously, he lodged a formal complaint with the bank to document the fraudulent activity. Regrettably, despite his efforts, he did not manage to recover the funds that were unlawfully taken from his account.

Ultimately, he turned to the Nerul police and officially lodged a case. The police promptly recorded the complaint and initiated an investigation, registering the case under Sections 420 and 66D of the IT Act, which pertain to cheating and online fraud, respectively.

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