A woman lost 27 lakhs with a Gift Coupon

According to the cybercriminals, Radha, the daughter of Muthumari from Oji Kuppam in Nagari Mandal, Radha had received millions of rupees through the gift coupon from an online store in November. She was made to deposit Rs.27,10,300 into various bank accounts between November 14 of 2021 and January 2022. Eventually, Radha’s mother, Muthumari, became aware of the deception and filed a complaint with the Nagari police on March 4, which led to the registration of a case.

Under the supervision of Nagari in-charge of DSP Sudhakar Reddy, this case was investigated technically from various angles. The accused have been identified as belonging to the state of West Bengal. Nagari CI Srinivas, SI Naresh, personnel Gavaskar, Ayyappa, Lakshmaiah, Ramesh, Kumar Babu, and others went to Kolkata and reached Galla in the erstwhile Bardhaman district. This team was arrested accused Shankar Mandal(32) on October 1. He was brought to chittoor on a transit warrant. A special team arrested his accomplice pintur sardar(36) from chennai on october 14. The team recovered 10.8 lakhs from sardar, besides freezing bank accounts with savings of 6.3 lakh.

Must follow these Precautions

Verify the sender

Make sure to verify that the link originates from a reputable and familiar sender. Exercise caution when dealing with links received from unfamiliar or dubious sources, particularly if they come unexpectedly or unsolicited.

Hover over the link

Prior to clicking on a link, employ the method of hovering your mouse cursor over it (or performing a long-press on mobile devices) to uncover the true URL. Confirm that the displayed URL aligns with the anticipated destination. Exercise caution if the link seems to be abbreviated or redirects to a distinct website.

Don’t click on suspicious links

When confronted with a potentially suspicious link, characterized by misspellings, random characters, or unconventional email addresses, it is prudent to exercise caution and refrain from clicking on it. Instead, opt to independently search for the website or content, if the need arises.

Check for HTTPS

Ensure that the URL begins with the “https” protocol, as it signifies a secure and encrypted connection. Websites utilizing “https” offer an enhanced level of security and are less susceptible to compromise.

Use reliable security software

Safeguard your devices by employing antivirus and anti-malware software that is regularly updated. These tools play a vital role in detecting and blocking malicious links, there by adding an extra layer of protection to your system.

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