Scammed by a Virtual Connection: Woman’s Rs 4.29 Lakh Loss to UK Instagram Con Artist

The Mumbai-based woman lodged a complaint stating that she received a follow request on her Instagram profile from an individual who purported to be from London.

According to an FIR filed at Andheri Police Station, a cyber fraudster posing as a UK citizen befriended a 34-year-old woman from Andheri on Instagram and swindled her of Rs 4.29 lakh.

In her complaint, the woman said she had received follow on her Instagram profile from a man who claimed to be from London. She exchanged phone numbers they initiated conversations through chat.

the fraudster, who was using an international number, told her that he sent her some gifts through cargo shipping and even showed her pictures of the items He also gave her a link to track delivery.

she received a phone call from an individual who identified himself as a customs office representative. He informed her that the gift parcel contained a substantial amount of cash and, to obtain an “anti-money laundering certificate,” she would need to pay certain charges.

The complainant ended up paying Rs 4.29 lakh. The following day, a woman, impersonating an income tax officer, contacted her, demanding Rs 5.69 lakh as taxes for the gift parcel. Sensing something amiss, the complainant declined to provide any further funds and requested the woman to verify her identity. However, the fraudster abruptly terminated the call, leaving the complainant to realize that she had been received.

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