This incident happened with Mahesh Chauhan (name changed for safety reasons). Few months ago, one fine day when he checked his bank account, he found that around 16,000 rupees were debited from his account. This happened in a series of transactions where the attacker tried 4 times (10,000 + 2000 + 2000 + 2000) to debit the amount. Mahesh immediately used his net banking to check the details of the transactions but to no avail.

He then visited the bank branch to register a complaint. The branch manager told him that the fraud was committed using AEPS and it was a cash withdrawal using biometrics. He mentioned that Mahesh would have to follow a process to get the money refunded.

How AEPS helps in committing fraud:

Aadhaar-enabled payment system is a payment mechanism that allows Aadhaar cardholders to conduct banking transactions. With the help of only biometrics, scammers collect the biometrics from registration offices, govt hospitals, and many instances where we use biometrics.

By using silicon printing of fingerprint, scammers then go to mini-ATMs and by selecting the bank name and Aadhar number with biometrics they can withdraw cash of 10000/- per day. 

Timeline to register a complaint.

Register your complaint:

  • If registered within 48 hours more chances of getting a refund
  • If registered within a week, good chances of getting a refund
  • If registered within a month, mild chances of getting a refund.

As time increases the chance of refund decreases.

The process to be followed to register a complaint:

1) Write a letter to the bank manager describing your issue and include all the transaction numbers and the amount (include a copy of your statement for fraudulent transactions)

2) Write a complaint to the police(you can compliant by visiting in person to the nearest police station) or you can make a complaint online in the cyber cell using the below link


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