An imitation global call center was dismantled, leading to the arrest of 115 individuals from an interstate syndicate. This group is accused of defrauding US citizens by posing as executives from a prominent e-commerce company, as reported by the Cyberabad Police.

According to Cyberabad Police Commissioner M Stephen Raveendra, Law enforcement units conducted raids on an illicit call center, resulting in the arrest of 115 cyber “fraudsters,” which included tele-callers. These individuals had been focusing on duping US citizens through VoIP calls for the previous two and a half years. The accused individuals obtained data, encompassing phone numbers and personal details, from a portal. Subsequently, call center employees initiated unsystematic VoIP calls to US citizens as part of their operation.

The authorities confiscated seven laptops, 115 CPUs, 94 monitors, and 120 mobile phones from the suspects, leading to the registration of a case.

How to Target Victims?

The scammers employed a tactic involving intimidating US citizens with claims of receiving suspicious parcels in their names. Call center staff then gathered personal information and proceeded to threaten victims with legal action from the US Customs and Border Protection cell department. To resolve the situation, victims were coerced into purchasing e-commerce gift cards/vouchers to cancel or return the alleged parcels. Under duress, US citizens would buy the vouchers, sharing the redeem codes with the call center. The fraudsters would sell these gift cards at discounted rates on a separate website. Upon redemption, the buyers on that platform would transfer crypto currency funds to the fraudsters.

Subsequently, the accused converted the crypto currency into USDT via wallets on a crypto currency exchange platform, selling them to local bit coin vendors to acquire Indian currency.

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