Not only the jobless, but a growing population of educated individuals are becoming victims of cybercrimes. As seekers of employment utilize the online sphere for job prospects, they become targets for cybercriminals who take advantage of their vulnerabilities.

Some Cases

  • A woman’s marriage was cancelled after she lost 40 lakhs to cyber fraud. Her father had credited 38 lakhs into her account for her marriage. She had been earlier trapped by some fraudsters who lured her to invest small amounts and gave her good returns. After this, she attempted to invest more but only ended up losing 40,12,170.
  • A woman, employed in a software company, who made some money initially, lost around 33 lakhs to an investment fraud.


“The allure of remote work, flexible schedules, and appealing compensation tempts individuals without jobs who are in dire need of income. A recent study indicates a notable surge in investment scams, with those in the IT sector being particularly susceptible.

A comprehensive survey indicated that around 60 percent of the victims hailed from Cyberabad. Any advertisement that pledges a threefold increase in investments or a monthly interest rate of 30 percent should be dismissed.”

– Praveen Kumar Tangella, Cyber Expert


“Those experiencing losses amounting to lakhs mostly come from software backgrounds. It’s disheartening that even individuals with education can fall victim to deception. A striking ninety percent of the victims have educational qualifications. We are channeling our utmost efforts to thwart the malicious links that these scams employ.

While purchasing a product, people often cross-check with friends and neighbors. Interestingly, when it comes to making substantial investments, seeking advice from others is frequently neglected.”

– K.V.M. Prasad, Cybercrime ACP


“In 2021, Hyderabad witnessed 2,300 registered cybercrime cases, followed by 2,400 cases in 2022. As of now this year, 1,900 cases have been recorded. The Cyber Crime Station (CCS) receives a minimum of 20 complaints daily, and the number is likely higher at local police stations. The endeavor to educate the public remains an ongoing and continuous process.”

– K. Prasad Rao, Investigation officer

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