High Suspense for Two Days: Vizag MP’s Wife, Son, Auditor Held Captive for Ransom

In dramatic scenes filled with high suspense over the past two days, Lok Sabha member M.V.V. Satyanarayana’s wife Jyoti, son Sarat and their auditor G. Venkateswara Rao were held captive in Sarat’s house in Rushikonda by a notorious gang, apparently for collecting ransom money.

All these happened when the MP was in Hyderabad. On information from the MP on Thursday morning, the police swung into action and rescued the victims in a four-hour operation. Three of the six in the gang have been arrested after a long chase.

Satyanarayana told the media from Hyderabad that rowdy-sheeter K.V. Hemant and his two associates barged into the house of his son in Rushikonda Layout on June 13 when he was alone there. The gang made him call his mother Jyoti into the house on Wednesday. They later asked Jyoti to call auditor Venkateswara Rao. When he arrived, the kidnapper held him captive too.

“I have been interacting with my wife and son and everything appeared normal. But when I called GV (auditor) there was no answer. I got his phone tracked and found its location was in Rushikonda

The commissioner told the media that the criminals collected some money from Sarat, all the gold ornaments from Jyoti and asked GV to fetch more money. GV’s driver then came and delivered `1 crore to the gang members on Wednesday night.

He said after the complaint from the MP, at about 8 am on Thursday, the police kept track of GV’s phone. When called, GV told the police that he was coming from Srikakulam. But police noticed that the cell location was Rushikonda.

Police teams then confirmed that something fishy was happening in Rushikonda. When the police reached the spot, the gang members fled in Sarat’s Audi car along with the MP’s family members.

The police chased the car. At a spot near Anandapuram, another car from the opposite direction blocked the Audi car. The kidnappers tried to speed away by dodging the police vehicle. In the process, the cops rammed the Audi and it skidded off into the bushes.

“While running away from the spot, the police caught the gangsters and questioned them where they left the victims. They said they were ejected from the car at Sonthyam junction.”

“Later, the victims came and met the police. Police took them to a hospital for first aid,” the commissioner said, adding, “We have seized the cash and there will be further investigation into the case.’’

The MP told the media that he had no personal enmity with Hemant and that the kidnap was only for money. The kidnappers beat up his son and auditor in the last two days but did no harm to his wife, he said.

GV is the auditor for many companies owned by the MP and a former chairman of the Smart City Corporation.

Hemant was accused in 12 criminal cases including three kidnap cases. He was also accused in the murder of former Congress corporator Vijaya Reddy, the commissioner told the media.

The MP, who arrived in Vizag in the afternoon, told DC that his wife and son were doing well and recuperating at home



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